Get VN Video Editor Mod APK Now

As we all know, everyone’s favorite, the elephant in the room, Capcut, is banned in India as of 2023. But the craze of Instagram reels keeps growing. As the trend of short videos was booming, the need for a good video editor also rose. That’s why the VN video editor came and captured the market within a very short time.

VN Video Editor is the best alternative for Capcut users. It is really great in terms of features, which I will discuss later. It’s a video editor app that helps to create awesome professional videos. Professions video editors love VN editors. You can create high-quality videos, change video backgrounds, create custom video effects, and create status videos using this awesome editor.

As per my personal experience, it’s better than the Capcut because it offers more controls for editing a video. My last visit to this app was this morning, and I can say that they are growing their VN templates library, too.

As the word Mod itself means modified. The VN Editor Mod version is a modified version of the real VN editor. This version unlocks the premium features without buying the premium package. Everything that you can get in the premium version by paying INR 1250/yearly is free in the mod version. Some honorable mentions are these:

  • Unlimited Templates
  • No Watermark
  • No Ads
  • Project Share Encryption
  • Many More

Some glimpse of the features is already shown in the above section. Here, I will try to cover all the amazing features of VN Mod. So, let’s start first with the list:

  • Unlimited Templates Creation
  • Multi-Layer Timeline
  • Add Music, Customized Background Music, and Voice Over
  • Apply Filters, Stickers, Emojis
  • Share you Projects
  • Premade Video Templates
  • Chroma Key on Green Screen
  • Keyframe Animation on Video
  • Export Video without Watermark
  • No Ads on the App Interface
  • Advance Subtitle Tools
  • Enhanced Text Editor for Videos

Amazed by the list of fetuses that VN Editor Mod APK (Pro Unlocked) offers. Hold on, or should I say Ruko Zra Sbr kro, let’s discuss them in detail. I am pretty sure after reading all the features in detail, you will say that So, beautify So, Elegant, Just Looking like a WoW. So, let’s get into depth.

Unlimited Templates Creation

VN Mod APK helps template creators with its amazing unlimited template creation feature. With VN editor, you can create templates similar to Capcut. You can also share the created templates with the rest of the world with the Pro unlocked APK of the VN editor. How to use Templates Creation features? I tried to give you the best guide for creating a template on the VN editor. But remember, it all depends on your creativity and experience. Here is my guide to using this feature:

  • Download and Install VN Mod APK (You can skip if you have already done this)
  • Open the VN Video Editor (Pro Unlocked).
  • Click on Plus (+) and start a new project.
  • Portray your imagination in the editor.
  • Click on Share your project as a template.
  • Done? Your template is ready to share with the world. Now, it can be listed in a wide range of VN libraries.

Multi-Layer Timeline

If you are an editor, you must know how important this feature is. You can now create multi-layer timelines in your videos using the amazing VN editor. You can adjust the video speed too on this video editing application. Download on your mobile device.

How to use Multi-Layer Timeline Features? To use this feature, you can do these simple steps:

  • Click on Editor and Import all media files like videos, music, etc.
  • Place all the media as per your preferences to make a video.
  • Each media will automatically shift to the new layers.
  • You can use each layer as per your needs. Done, that’s it.

Add Music, Customized Background Music, and Voice Over

I know this is a basic feature of every video editor. But as per my taste, they are worth mentioning. You can add music from your favorite reel to your Video. You can customize the background music, and you can also add the voiceover to your video clips.

How to add music and voiceover?

I know 90% of people know this. But I am here to help the remaining 10% of users. So the guide is simple:

  • Click on the music icon in the editor.
  • Load the media file from your mobile or choose from the library.
  • For the voice, you can give a direct voice section, and there you can give a live voice-over, or you can also upload the existing file.
  • Done; your music of video clips with voice is set up. I know it’s simple. Thanks. See me later after making your dream video.

Apply Filters, Stickers, Emojis

One of the most used features on VN Mod APK is premade filters, stickers, and emojis. People love them. As per my analysis of Instagram reels, I have seen almost 95% of users use these features as per their needs and personal preferences.

How do you apply filters, stickers, and emojis?

Here is the guide to do so:

  • Firstly, load the video and do the basics like adding music, etc.
  • Click on the ” add stickers icon and choose the sticker you want to set.
  • The same procedure is used for filters and emojis. Click on their respective icons and add them. That’s it.

Share Your Projects

One of the best features of VN Editor Pro Unlocked is the ability to share your projects. You can share your videos or templates with your loved one or with other editors. This makes collaboration simple and easy.

How do you share your project on VN Editor?

To share your project, you need to follow these simple steps:

  • The first step is to create the video.
  • After creating the video, click on the share icon, and you will see two options: export and share your project.
  • Clicks on share as a project, and boom, it’s done.

Premade Video Templates

As I highlighted above, you can create templates on the VN editor. But everyone is not a developer or a pro editor. So, to help their beginner users, VN editor also offers premade video templates, which help you make your videos with a few clicks.

How do you use premade video templates on VN Editor?

You can use premade video templates using these steps:

  • Click on the search icon, and you will see a templates section below the search bar.
  • Simply click on it, and you will be moved to the templates.
  • Choose the template you like and click on Create Video. Done now you can create the Video using premade templates.